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Naranjada Búho Soda Kola Búho Soda Limonada Búho Soda

No artificial flavors or sweeteners

With a lot of juice

Low in calories

Búho Kola with a shot of caffeine

National ingredients and Production


to the new generation of sodas

"A new generation of sodas for a new generation of consumers!" This is the result of a trip with great friends to Oaxaca and more than a year in development of the product till its perfection. The idea of this project begun in a visit I made from my native country Germany to Mexico. The trip was organized to the city of Oaxaca with some friends that I met during a university exchange. After buying cola flavored sodas and energy drinks, to avoid falling asleep while driving back to Mexico City, we crossed the beautiful Sierra Madre and its incomparable nature and thought that it was illogic to love nature so much and yet consume artificial drinks.

On my way back to Germany, I decided to make the dream of producing modern and honest sodas a reality: a combination of exquisite flavor, less calories, natural ingredients, spring water and sweetened with a Mexican organic product as is the agave nectar of Jalisco in combination with natural stevia.

I didn’t understand why Mexico being a producing country of delicious and varied fruits, its population must drink artificial drinks with great doses of sugar. It is important to care for the health of those who inhabit this incredible country.

Now in México, I started the materialization of the project. It took a while to see its crystallization, but you can be sure that we offer you a perfect product of German quality with Mexican flavor which has been revised down to the smallest detail so you can enjoy the authentic Buho flavor with every sip you take – and without having to fill yourself with a calorie bomb! -.

Roman, founder of Buho Sodas

In Buho Sodas we are convinced that we have a great responsibility with our society and with the environment. We believe that our company should work in a sustainable way and care for our unique and invaluable planet. This conviction reflects not only in our product – our drinks –, but in each and every single stage of production and distribution: selection of high quality natural ingredients; the search for regional and national raw material; care in each of the steps taken to achieve a sustainable production and selection of distribution networks close to our customers.

Buho Raw Material

For our Buhos we use mostly Mexican ingredients: the water comes from an aquifer of high quality, very soft and low in sodium, which is periodically analyzed by a certified laboratory to care for their purity and properties. The agave nectar is from Jalisco and has an organic certification; the juices come from Mexican production. All this allows us to reduce energy intensive logistics as the raw material is national.

Buho Glass

It has been scientifically proven that only glass has the necessary characteristics to conserve and protect a high quality product. The glass bottle has clear advantages in comparison to PET bottles: While in the production of PET bottles harmful softeners are formed that could enter the human body together with the drink, glass bottles are neutral in terms of taste and odor. Additionally, the glass prevents the release of CO2 CO2 gas from the drinks and does not allow other gases to enter that could lower the quality of the drinks by oxidation processes. For these reasons, our bottles are of glass, made in Mexico and 100% recyclable. They guarantee that the enjoyment of your favorite Buho be the same with every sip you take. Lastly, drinking from a bottle of glass is more pleasant than drinking from a plastic one.

Buho Production and Distribution

We use standardized processes whenever possible to minimize our ecological footprint. We produce our beverages in proximity to our customers to reduce long-haul transport and seek to reduce water usage and inherent waste in this type of production. We use recyclable packaging and minimize the use of plastic.

Any question?   Correo

Why did this project start?

We wanted to create a new soft drinks label, fresh, modern and full of character. An honest alternative ("buhonesto") in the fun universe of sodas. Delicious drinks and at the same time that they not be harmful like the ones offered in the market.

What is the difference between Buho and other sodas?

In Buho Soda we only use ingredients of the highest quality, like organic agave nectar, natural juices or extracts of kola nut; and this is reflected in the rich taste of our drinks. At the same time, our Buhos have less calories than the traditional sodas! Buho is buhonesto, it’s a new generation of sodas for a new generation of consumers like you.

Is it true that Buho sodas are healthier than other sodas?

Yes. Our Búhos are low in calories (Limonada y Naranjada) or reduced in calories (Kola) because we use a combination of agave nectar and stevia to sweeten them. Together with a high content of natural juice, we reach a flavorful product with less sugar. The Búhos have up to 60% less calories than traditional sodas and are very low in sodium since we don’t use the ingredient sodium citrate commonly used in the soda industry. In the Búho Kola we changed the phosphoric acid chemical (contained in other sodas) for natural Italian lime juice. The Búho Limonada and Naranjada have Vitamin C.

What is Agave Syrup?

Agave syrup is the sap from plants of the family of agaves. As the nectar is between 1.4 and 1.6 times sweeter than sugar, less product is needed for a pleasant sweetness. And this means fewer calories. In addition, the agave nectar has a glycemic index (GI) much lower than sugar. Products with a high GI are associated with an increased risk of obesity. For our Buhos, we only use certified organic syrup from the blue agave. More information:

Any question?   Correo

What is stevia?

Stevia is a species of the asteraceae family native to the tropical region of South America. It has the great advantage of its sweetening properties and negligible calories. This plant gives sweetness without calories in a natural way. More information:

Why must we shake the Buhos before consumption?

All our drinks have natural Mexican juice in them with pulp. Because we don't filter our products so as to keep these nutritive particles, they accumulate in the bottom of the bottles. If you shake the bottle slightly (carefully – they contain gas!) before opening it, the particles will distribute in the drink and you can enjoy the authentic Buho flavor with every sip you take.

What does Buho mean?

We had the vision that the presentation of a drink must reflect the character of it. One of the first drinks we launched was a natural soda kola flavored with a good portion of caffeine. That is why we chose the Buho (Spanish for "owl") as a representative of our brand: a night animal, sympathetic and full of character.

Why do you write Kola with "K"?

Buho Kola has various advantages that are deducted from one natural ingredient that we use: kola nut. Together with the organic agave nectar that we use, this nut gives Buho Kola its unique flavor. We chose kola with k to honor this plant that lets us enjoy the sodas of cola that we love so much. More information:

I want to sell Buho in my café, restaurant, store, bar or hotel. How can I get in contact with you?

We are always open to new partners. Please, write to us at Correo with your business information.

Naranjada Búho Soda
Naranjada Búho Soda

Your new soul mate

  • Delicious orange juice mixed with mandarin and lemon juice (15% of total juice)
  • Mexican sweet orange intense flavor
  • Slightly sweetened with organic agave nectar from Jalisco and stevia extracts
  • 100% flavor – low in calories
  • With Vitamin C
  • Low in sodium
  • Presented in the 355ml. glass bottle
Limonada Búho Soda
Limonada Búho Soda

If life gives you limes, make lemonade

  • 7% lime juice with a touch of mint flavor
  • Slightly sweetened with organic agave nectar from Jalisco and stevia extracts
  • 100% flavor – low in calories
  • With Vitamin C
  • Low in sodium
  • Presented in the 355ml. glass bottle
Kola Búho Soda
Kola Búho Soda

Wake up naturally

  • One of the strongest kolas in the world with a shot of natural caffeine
  • With natural lemon juice
  • Without phosphoric acid
  • Slightly sweetened with organic agave nectar from Jalisco and stevia extracts
  • Reduced in calories
  • Low in sodium
  • Presented in the 355ml. glass bottle